About Chris

A personal injury is an unwelcome event in your life. Your health is vital to your employment and to the relationships you have with family and friends. A personal injury occurs when someone suffers some form of harm to the body, either physical or mental. Some of the types of personal injury cases I see most often involve traffic accidents, aviation accidents, and accidents in the home or workplace.

I have dedicated my practice to protecting the rights of survivors of catastrophic personal injury and victims of wrongful death. In fact, I feel it’s my calling in life to represent those who have been hurt by the wrongdoing of others. It hurts me when I talk to people and hear about how they and the people they love were hurt or killed, but it also makes me more dedicated to getting justice for them.

In my work, I see a lot of claims related to automobile accidents. More than 20 million automobile accidents occur each year in the United States. Many times we find that design defects or mechanical problems can affect the outcome of a crash. This is especially true in single-vehicle accidents, where someone is catastrophically injured or killed when it seems like they should not have been hurt so badly. Digging deeper, we often find a defective product is to blame.

Another aspect of crashes on the roadways involves 18-wheelers. These cases are complicated, with factors including the safety of big rig drivers, as well as the safety of automobile drivers that share the road with these heavy trucks. Cases involving big trucks are very different than a standard case involving a car crash. There are lots of rules and regulations surrounding commercial vehicles that a lawyer has to be familiar with in order to serve his or her client fully.

Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the commercial motor carrier to make sure the vehicles and drivers it employs meet all federal regulations to safeguard both its employees and the general driving public. It is also the responsibility of the commercial driver to make sure he or she is in compliance with the rules. In order to handle cases involving 18-wheelers and other heavy trucks, I have to be familiar with all those rules and regulations, as well as a lot of unique issues about technology, insurance, mechanics and other aspects that will affect the case. This is something I am committed to doing.

If you have been seriously injured, or someone you love has been killed, especially in a single-vehicle accident, as a big-rig driver or passenger, or in an accident with an 18-wheeler or other heavy truck, I’d like to talk to you.