Serious injuries in auto crashes are often linked to defective products

Chris Glover visits the Beasley Allen Report this week to talk about the underlying causes of serious automobile accident injuries. More than 20 million automobile accidents occur each year in the United States. Chris shares information with show host and fellow lawyer Gibson Vance about how design defects or mechanical problems can affect the outcome of a crash. Single-vehicle accidents, especially, can often be traced back to a defect that results in catastrophic injury or death.


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Specifically, Chris talks about a single-vehicle accident case he handled where attorneys discovered a defect in the design of a door that led to serious injury for the driver, a 16-year-old girl. He says there are steps an automobile manufacturer can take to reasonably protect the occupants of a car in the event of a crash. This is called crashworthiness. In the case involving the 16-year-old girl, Chris says when attorneys looked at the car, which was involved in a rollover accident, they noticed the driver’s side door was unusually damaged. They ultimately discovered the door opened during the crash. As a result, portions of the girl’s body came out of the car during the crash, and she lost the use of her arm permanently. If the door had stayed closed, she would have been protected by the car’s safety cage. Attorneys found that a defective design in the door caused pressure on the exterior of the door to free a latching rod inside the door, which allowed it to pop open.